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2yr RT Student.... Help!
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Hi! I am a 2nd year student who will graduate next May 2014 and I am scares to death. Anyone have some great tips for studying to understand vs memorizing to past tests. It's like we do a learn and dump Learn and dump. So much so fast.
I'm struggling with disease process and applying treatments other than they need oxygen lol

Please don't get me wrong, I am a good student and I am learning and feel comfortable not confident and just need help/tips on understanding and applying.

One thing that scares me.... Silly enough but is trach care, being aggressive vs not to aggressive and getting the job done right. I'm so nervous about maneuvering around the trach and not disturbing it too much.

Anyways, it was a nerve day for me and any advice is greatly appreciated.

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I just joined this forum and I am interested to see how you did during your second year. Did it get any easier? Do you feel prepared to take the boards?
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Hi there, I understand your pain trying to pass the tmc exam. I can refer you to Respiratory Teacher to help you pass both exams with flying colors. All you have to do is google respiratory teacher to find out the information needed.
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