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I was pushed too hard and could not finish my last rounds. Remember, I never did a vent check on this patient. I never had time.
Senerio: called to the unit. Patient waiting to be put on a vent. The third bad patient of the night. I was worn out. I thought I had everything connected. The lights went on I put the patient on the vent. The vent didn't sound right. The Sats dropped. I bagged and got the sats up. I asked the supervisor to look at the vent. That's when she said the hoses weren't plugged in. I was that tired? Never in 20 yrs did I think I could ever do such a thing. Now the ICU department RN head says she want to go after my license.I never had time to write anything, Other therapists did. They had to finish my last rounds.
What kind of attorney would help me?
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