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question about "LOCKING THE PATIENT OUT.
Hello. I have aquestion. OK. On ventilators such as the Evita Series, and Hamilton series, you can "LOCK THE PATIENT OUT." This is by disabling trigger sensitivity weather that be flow, or pressure trigger. OK. My question is if you do this, does it just cause them to not get a breath, yet they can breathe spontaneously through the circuit, yet they will not get any flow, or when you lock them out does it actually LOCK THEM OUT as in I Intubated you, and placed my finger over the ET tube and therefore OCCLUDED YOUR BREATHING SO NO AIR GOES IN, NO AIR GOES OUT. Does the locking out of a patient's trigger also occlude their circuit via the inspiratory valve, and expiratory valve, or does it just of corse stopp any breaths from coming from the ventilator? I'm Very curious. Of corse when I've gbeen on a ventilator they never locked me out. Obviously, this should almost NEVER be done as doing this will of corse cause a patient anxiety, and if this works by occlusion the patient's going to be literarly thinking he's sufficating, and He's most likely going to almost send himself into VT if not propperly sedated. Thank you, and God bless.
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Most ventilators employ a safety valve to allow spontaneous breathing in case of a ventilator, in the case of a ventilator failure or a large negative pressure generated within the curcuit. Some have demand flows which will provide flow under certain conditions. Check the manufacturer, they usually have those guidelines in the ops manual
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