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About Servo Screen 390
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Dear Sirs
My name is a Van Hoang Nguyen, I m a Vietnamese medical electronic technician. I work for MB Hospital, Which is the biggest hospital in Vietnam. In our Hospital, there are many kind of medical equipment, they were made by SIEMEN and I think that, they quite good, convenient in use. But one of them is Servo Screen 390 (No 13737 S11) for use with Servo Ventilator 300 (No 24384 S11) has got a problem. When I switch on, the ventilator works normally but the screen appears massage:

Servo Screen 390
Servo Screen 390
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And the screen not change (suspend).
I don't know what happen with my screen. Because normally after a minute screen appears data about ventilator.
I would like receive advice from you, what I can do to repair this screen (I haven't got a service manual).
I hope receive information from you as soon as possible.
Best regards,
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Get information SIEMENS monitor, model SERVO SCREEN 390.
I need the technical manual.
Hopefully you can help.
Working in a hospital in the city of Arequipa in Peru.
I have also information from other medical equipment.
You can write to the following addresses:
I want to exchange ideas in the future.
Miguel Angel
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