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question about an LP6 ventilator.
Hello. OK. I have a question about an LP6 ventilator. Let's pretend we have a trached patient and the only ventilator we have is an LP6. As you know this is even suckier than the MA1 ventilator. Goes up to 38 BPM ONLY up to 38 I say. It has the setting error alarm so You can't do inverse I/E Ratio, has NO PRESSURE SUPPORT, has to have a PEEP valve. OK. Let's say this patient is breathing and we think PSV would do him good. Yet all we have is the old what i consider good for nothing LP6 vent. and I have him in SIMV. Obviously when they made the LP6 ventilator they had NO idea that breathing through an airway without flow and hooked up to a vent is exactly like breathing through a straw. OK. Obviously, I think PSV would do him some good. We have a medical air compressor that goes up to 60PSI, and It is similar to one you might find at a home for a patient using room air on a trach collar.You know the device with a motor driven compressor OK. I would imagine I could hook an ICU vent up to it and power it like an Evita XL. OK Let's continue. If I hooked a green Oxygen Christmas tree as they are ccalled up to the compressor, and then hooked oxygen tubing clear extension tubing up to it or Small volume nebulizer delivery tubing up to the Christmas tree, and then hooked it up to the port we have for oxygen bleed in for the LP6. If I power on the compressor and I were to get a good flow rate. Do you think that might help in any way shape or form? I mean Its obviously not gonna be what I'd called Pressure support, and really is just high rates of flow. Who thinks this might work?

Thank you, and God bless.
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Very dangerous, off label. The LP6 is a ventilator designed for home use. The smart thing to do, if PS was needed, is get one to provide it What you describe is unregulated. It would be the same if you built in an IMV circuit with a reservoir bag. Does an LP6 even have a neb port?
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