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My loved one will soon discharge home on a portable vent is the LP10 the best vent for them they are a spinal cord patient, C3 unable to breath at all on their own. The facility where they are rehabing isn't the best place to rehab they don't have any experience with C3 high quads or with discharging vent patients home, My loved one is the first. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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I am sorry to hear about the spinal cord injury of your loved one. I work for Newport and we have a small portable ventilator called the Newport HT50 Ventilator. It provides everything you will need for ventilating your loved one but comes with the additional advantage weighing less while providing up to 10 hrs internal battery. Your homecare provider may be familiar with our product but if not, they can visit our website at or call 1.800.4513111 ext 282 for more information. If you or they have specific clinical application questions, just write to me directly at

All my best,

Cyndy Miller
Director of Clinical Education
Newport Medical Instruments
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In most spinal cord injuries an LP-10 would be a great ventilator, the LP-10 has been a work-horse of a ventilator in the sub-acute and home enviroments. There have been many advances in the ventilation arena, the Newport is one. If you would care to discuss this case futher please replay via the bulletin board. I manage an home care company that specializes in home ventilation, one of the largest in the southwestern United States.
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