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Hello, my name is Linda Coyle, I am in the military and deployed to southwestern Asia and I am in need of some advice, I am hoping that you can help me. We have a severely burned patient on our hands and normally we would not keep him, but currently we have no choice, as for we are the best care this patient can receive. The expected time this patient will be here is approximately 3 weeks. This patient is on a 754 vent. now, but I have some concerns, we are would like to trach him, but the only humidification we have now are HME's, I am not aware if the 754's can be hooked up to humidifiers, if in fact they can, that would be great, but if not I need to know a ventilator that would be the best given our current location and ability to get the needed supplies. We have an oxygen supply outlets, but no air. There is an autoclave sterilizer and we have cidex that is all, so all the parts would have to be cleaned, sterilized that way or disposable. We are also going to need a humidifier as well. We are going to need a decision as soon as possible. I need to be 100% positive that the vent. I pick is manageable in this environment; if you can help or direct me in anyway it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and help.


Linda Coyle
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