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December 04, 2012, 01:25 PM
today went better than I expected,except..that dan does have another infection,high temp...they arent doing anything about the infection,except culturing it....that i dont likie...oh they gave him tylenol for the very high fever.

but the meeting , she basically asked us/him to decide where the "line in the sand" is for him...when does he no longer want to live.. we decided, he and i that if he is brain dead...dont continue his life... otherwise fight to keep him alive.....he admited that his line keeps moving farther back....he doesnt care if he cant get out of bed... he want to be able to comunicate...he can lose consicous but.... cant let him die til he is brain dead.

also we talked about..where he is going from here...they are looking out of state for a bed Frown I would move with him... but also talkig about lettinghim come home and training me to care for him-it will be VERY Hard, but im willingto do it pray this works out and God gives me the strenght to do it and we get our new van.. want him home.

pray for all this.please