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I am a 24/7 vent user, I am to have a bronchoscope tomorrow. How will they do it attached to the vent?

The doctor's office called this week saying I needed a scope with no real info to ease my fears.

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I hope you see this before your procedure. I am sorry you were not provided with information enough to allay your very natural fears. As a 24/7 vent user, I am surprised you have not already had experience with the bronchoscope. Bronchoscopy is a procedure that is done frequently for either diagnostic reasons such as to view the airways to make sure they are in good shape, or therapeutically such as clearing bronchi blocked with secretions. This is generally a very safe procedure and is done quite frequently with patients while on the vent. The scope is pretty thin. A special connector is placed at the vent attachment to the trach and the scope is slid down into the airways much like a suction catheter would be. The doctor can maneuver it around while seeing what is down there as there is a camera and light on the end of the scope. The scope allows the doctor to instill medicines and saline, suction, and if needed collect sputum and tissue specimens. Often a light sedation is given to the patient, and the airways are treated with lidocaine either through the scope or as a pre-procedure neb to minimize discomfort and the urge to cough. No invasive medical procedure is without some risk, but a bronchoscopy for an otherwise stable patient either for therapeutic or diagnostic reasons is generally very safe and well tolerated. I hope this is helpful to you. Good luck with your bronch. I really expect it will not be too difficult considering all that you must have gone through already. Please let us know how it went.
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