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Confused on what to do
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My mom has been on the vent since last October 2007
She is in a hospital still today

we make progress and then we have set backs

my family is becoming split on what to do

I need people to talk to that I have family

members on vent and give us advice on how to do this

I am still hopeful she will wean she can make it about 20 hours sometimes but not a full day

make in February 2008 she made it six days but they did not take her trach out so since then back and forth.

My Dad says she can not go home this way but

I feel there is away with help

so anyone that has someone at home tell me what it is like I would appreciate your help.

I just can not give up on my mom.

thanks Nancy
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In September 2007 my mother was put on a ventillator due to advanced stage of her auto-immune disease. Her throat muscles have weakened to such a degree that choking & suffucation were going to be inevitable. Like you state, she had set-backs that were keeping her in the hospital & finally 2mos later she was released. I hired 3 CNA's to be trained at the hospital & trained at home on the ventillator, feeding tube, medications, etc. The training consisted of routine & emergency on both. The CNA's work on 24-7hr shifts($16per hr) & now we realize that there is only enough money for 5 more months. Currently I'm searching for a nursing home in Chicago area that takes vent patients. I hope this website will assist me in this search. I absolutely understand your frustation, but I think the only real option is to find a nursing home that takes ventillator patients. I always said that Mom would never go to one as long as I'm alive, but when the money runs out that is the only option. We will have to use her house now to have her taken care of at a nursing home.
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I am a Nurse in the Dallas area.I have experiance caring for totally vent dependent patients in my home.I'm willing to share and help to answer any questions that might help.
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