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Weaned once but unable to again
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My father was admitted on 2/15/2012 and placed on a ventilator from Respitory Failure. He has a life history of severe asthma and about a month after admitted they diagnosed him with Guillian Barre Syndromme and say this was the initial cause of the Resp. Failure. He was paralyzed and on a vent in ICU for 2 months. He started to get better and eventually able to move his arms and legs but very weak. Around May he successfully weaned and was off the vent for 5 weeks. Half the time on the T-Tube then on the nasal canula (spelling?). Once he was required to leave the hospital he was sent to a Respitory Hospital and the day he arrived he was a little panic from the ambulance ride and complained of breathing difficulties (which is normal for him always) he could have controlled it with help but instead they changed the trach to a cuff and put him on pressure support. HE complains a lot as he is mentally afraid of the breathing issues but his medical test all show good in the RT standpoint. He is totally stable yet they keep adjusting the machine to make him comfortable and stop complaining. He is now a month at the new hospital and on A/C setting on a 14 this is so upsetting and now he WONT WEAN!! He wont do PT and is weak again. Last weak he had Plasmapherisis for his Guillian Barre and since then has been lethargic and depressed. We are preparing to move him as he obviously wont be weaned here. We want him to go to a home where his doctor of 15 years (the one who successfully weaned him at the first hospital) is the main doctor for. We hope he can help him again. My fear is that it may be to late and he may not ever get off the vent. He is 62 and before this had a Wonderful life and always out with my mother. If he cant be weaned can he ever have a normal life? All we want is him home and even if he is needing care at least he is home with his family. Is this possible? Can you give some advise on my story. Im desperate!! Thank you so much
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Hang in there. You are on the right track getting the pulmonologist to try the weaning again. There are home vent programs you caould explore as well if that is route you are willing to take. We operate a 45 bed active weaning and long term care vent facility in Virginia. When you asked the question can he ever have a good quality of life on a vent, I can assure you he can. I see it every day. You would be amazed at the participation we have from our vent patients in activities, socialization, and group outings. Why 6 of them two months ago went to a monster truck show in roanoke, VA and had a blast. Hang in there. Be realistic, but be proactive. Good luck.
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