Personal reviews/recommendations on vents

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February 11, 2008, 06:31 PM
Justin Cochran
Personal reviews/recommendations on vents
Hello Hello! I'm looking for some reviews/recommendations of ventilators as I'm shopping around for a new model to suit my lifestyle better. I'll start with a short description of myself:
I'm a fairly active 25 year old guy with a C1/C2 spinal cord injury, paralyzed from the neck down and (obviously) vent dependent. By fairly active I mean going to college full time, working part time, testifying before congress, skydiving, hang gliding, traveling internationally, etc.

I currently use a Puritan-Bennett LP10 ventilator on my wheelchair. I like several of its features such as the Assist/Control setting, which allows me to vary the pressure sensor sensitivity (via a separate dial labeled "Breathing Effort") and in turn initiate breaths above my base setting of 12 during times of increased demand (e.g. conversation, speeches). Another feature, or rather characteristic, that I appreciate is its relative low noise. My main issue, and why I'm shopping around for a replacement, is it's large size and heavy weight (~40lbs.) I would like to keep the features I currently have but shave off atleast half the weight and size. I have a fairly large and long lasting external battery on my chair (which currently lasts ~16 hours on a full charge) so I'm not really concerned about the venilators internal battery. Noise, weight, size, and speech intelligibility are my biggest concerns. Does anyone have experience with the LTV900 or Newport HT50? Are there any others out there that might meet my requirements?
October 26, 2008, 10:59 AM
I find that the pulmonetic vents are very good. We currently use them. Love it. We have not had any problems. They are great for transport and have a backpack to hook to wheelchairs.