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vent trachea dialysis
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my mom had a heart attack on dec 16th 2013. she under went a valve repair and a Quadruple bypass. she was given numerous drugs that she was allergic to. The dr never consulted her heart dr to our surprise. 3 months after surgery she has had to go on the vent, feeding tube, dialysis her medicare ran out now we signed her up for medicade. The facility she is in is kicking her out of there because her days are over. We live in Ky and had to come to florida and rent apartment to be near her. All of the family can not come to see her in Gainesville florida. Now they are wanting to send her to any place who will accept her. We were told they would get her off the vent here but they have failed. We need a facility close to Henderon Ky. so family can see her. It would make a big difference in her recovery. I have surched and cant find any place close. is there any place we can send her to get her off the trachea we get promises but they wont try now.she was breathing on her own for 7 days they gave her oxycodone and she stopped breathing on her own and had to go back on vent, they lied to us from day one. the medicine they gave her caused her feet to turn black. she is not having pain in her feet but they dont ask her they just give her meds she doesnt want. for 3 days she has been doing better she had dialysis 3 days in row and is breathing on her own but still has vent in case of assist that they say she hasnt needed they are saying they want to transfer her monday this is thursday. They wont wait to see if they can get her off the vent. They told me they have a place in Atlanta but when I called Atlanta they said they have no beds there for females. If she could get off the tracheal tube we would care for her. Please if anybody can help let me know ASAP thank you, Worried
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Hello, pardon the intrusion. I know you posted this a few months ago. I was wondering what was the outcome of your situation? I am in the same boat right now, with my mother in the hospital in New Mexico with a trache and in need of dialysis. Same thing... they are saying her Medicare benefits are all used up and want to kick her out to Brownsville, TX. That's nowhere near us! We don't know anyone there. I look forward to hearing from you, hoping things went well for you.

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