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vent and dialysis
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my brother is currently on a vent and need diaysis, we have tried various faculties in Illinois, He was in Forest view, but then he had to go on dialysis and they don't take dialysis patients now need somewhere that takes vents and dialysis, i have visited some of these places and i wouldnt put my worst enrmey there. He went to Elmwood in put in him a room turned sideways and put a curtain around, he in arrived on Friday evening, Saturday evening we were on our way back to the emergency room.He only have medicare and its running out, we are still trying to get medicaid, in which because i reside in Indiana, that a problem everytime he gets moved somewhere, he ends up back at the hospital, currently in Kindred in Northlake in which its turning out be a mistake, I have been told be the hospital social worker at Alexian Brothers that there not much left and usually it just hospic, my brother is very aware of his surroundings and im not going to let him die or live in a situation where he not going to be treated with care, he has had a few strokes and in not able to move. I looking for a place that will take care of him not just throw him in a room to die.
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Rock Island Nursing and Rehabilitation Center located in Rock Island Illinois ( approx 3 hours west of chicago) cares for ventilator and dialysis paitients. We would be happy to discuss the care and services needed for your brother. If you would like to explore our services please visit our web site at or call us at (309)788-0458. good luck to you and your brother
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