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Looking for general feedback On VOCSN.
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I have to say it seems like a great concept. I haven't had any patients that were on it yet. I am certain it's ventilation functions are fine. I am not familiar with some of the finer points. Does it run on high pressure O2 if desired, how high of FiO2 can it deliver from its own O2 generation, how does the therapy mode compare with the "gold standards" as to application and effectiveness i.e. IPV and MIE? For starters. Of course with me I always see things from a perspective of why use positive pressure when you do not have to, but if there is no choice and one has to go with PPV for the long run this looks like it could be a real competitor in several niches. As I recall they have worked out a unique code for home care claims and are able to get coverage at home for ventilation plus whatever additional functions are used. I am always excited by new stuff and this is something new while offering broader functionality not just new.
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