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Servo i versus PB 840
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hi during my career

i used cpu ohmeda , advent ohmeda , bear 1 ,bennett ma1 , hamilton veolar , ensgstrom lkb , evita s, 2 dura , evita 4 ,servo 900, servo 300 ,cesar (cfpo), horus and extend(taema) , servo i , now general electric engstrom

i tried 840 , hamilton galileo , different bird , elysée saime

all have gold points but for me each has some lacks wo prevent one to be the best for all purpose

so i think that a mix of two (three?)different brand is better to insure you will have at every moment a ventilator who cares best your patient

so for vni mode i prefer evita but i am not satisfied with the electronics parts and software (failures ++ !!)

on the opposite servo i is from my experience more reliable but ask more work to set alarms , and is a little less useful for vni than evita

engstrom general electric is probably a little less friendly and a little less easy wor weaning and NIV but much more useful and powerful to treat and monitor ARDS

so in our intensive care unit we have a mix of old 7200 puritan for basic care(very close to 840 ?) ( post operative, acute self poisoning ie barbiturates)

servo i is the common machine for every other patient NIV or not ,

and we keep engstrom for severe acute failure such ards and only for invasive ventilation

in future 7200 would be withdrawn and replaced i think with a mix of basic servo i and engstrom
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Having used both, I think both are great vents. I use PAV quite frequently and I use it more than PSV. I have used NAVA in the past and I am not sold on it yet. However, the I is a solid package and either vent will be an excellent tool to any facility
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Curious comment about NAVA, that you used it in the 'past'. Hospital that are using NAVA are just getting it now. I would be interested in know what hospital and what your experience was. There is so much to learn about NAVA any insight would be great.
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