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2006 AARC Congress...Amazing!!!
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I am still reeling from just about the coolest four days I can remember. Last year was really great, but this year will always be special to me. At Monday's awards ceremonies, I was presented with The Practitioner of the Year Award by the AARC Long-Term Care Specialty Section. Ohm'gosh what an honor. Thanks so much to Bill, Gretchen, Maria, Teresa and the other members of the Long-Term Care Section for your support. Congrats to our own BillC on recieving FAARC, and Maria on her new chairpersonship.(By the way VentWorld visitors, if you sell to or work in long-term, or LTAC, extended rehab, etc. please add Long-Term Care Section membership. If you ever have worked in, or even have a heart for this area, please join, we need more participation, and there are many benefits. Its only $15.00 and you can add it at any time

I also had 3 speaking slots back to back with the overall theme of Improving Patient Outcomes in Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals. I met some amazing therapists ran in to some old friends and learned so much in the process.

The educational offerings, talks and abstract poster presentations offered something for everyone. The elite of our profession sharing their knowledge. I was able to meet frequent VentWorld poster Light at his groups abstract poster presentation. The posters were great with the work primarilly having been done by his students who are now practicing professionals. It is inspirational what he has done for this group of baby therapists and how much he has obviously inspired and taught them. Thanks again Light for your contrbutions here and to your fortunate students. It was really great to meet,

The exibit hall was also phenomenal. I have some pictures I hope to post soon with some capsules of bits of the experience. It absolutely amazes me how many people know and appreciate these forums. Thanks so much to all those who have posted here. You make this forum. Those of you who are visitors and haven't posted as so many said they were at the convention, but might have wanted to, please do join in.

I saw so many amazing things, I want to share some of the experience here soon, but for now of everything the one that took the cake for me is a concept I had never considered actually do-able, although, I had certainly dreamed that perhaps something like this could be done some day, and that is Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation (BCV). The potential for the applications that this device offers stager me. I am seeking more information from some clinicians in England both adult and ped/neo. I have invited them to post some of their experiences. I hope they do. Here is a link. to check out.

Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on BCV?..and is anything like this being done in the states?

Back soon with a few more details and some pictures.

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Congratulations again Gary, an honor richly deserved and long overdue.
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Congratulations Gary!!!

Job well done...
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