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Paralytic Agents
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So, like... I was wondering if there was any paralytic agents in pill form, instead of having to be taken intravenously? And, if so, where might i come across some. Can the liquid form be taken orally? And, is it legal to possess?
Well, cuz, me and my partner are, like... i guess experimenting with some weird stuff. and thought it would be fun to slip each other something every once in a while. heh, so i totally got right on it, but haven't found out anything. so, like, i'm totally not a doctor and was hoping some one might know something that could help us out.
**And plz, like, whatever, no flames cuz, experimenting is definitely healthy.**
Oh, and, i really don't know what risks are involved, so, like... if this is could lead to something potentially dangerous, i would mega appreciate a heads up.

Thanks a bunch!
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are you kidding me?

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I am really guessing that light's response is probably the same one other forum members are likely to express if they would even touch this one. I will attempt to address your post as if you were genuine in your quest for an oral paralytic agent with which to experiment and you are really looking for a "heads up". First allow me to let you in on a little secret about paralyzing agents whether administered intravenously or your apparently preferred route of administration orally, THEY CAUSE PARALYSIS. You must not be aware of something very important about paralysis, you are paralyzed. Allow me to give you a brief definition of this term, you can't move a muscle. This may seem like a real cool state to you for some reason, but it is not. Oh if it is temporary it couldn't be so bad, particularly in the interest of experimentation. If you are not considering dead a bad state then maybe it's not so bad. Perhaps you might find it interesting to not be able to move most of your skeletal muscles, but since you use muscles to expand your lungs to inhale, a brief time after you became paralyzed you would suffocate, and die. I have cared for and befriended people who were paralyzed either through an accident or illness, who required continuous mechanical ventilation to survive. More simply they needed a machine to inflate their lungs and breathe for them. This is not a something to seek, really. I am sure that possession of any of these agents would be outside the law.
**Whatever piz means, I must beg to differ, there are definitely some forms of personal experimentation that are definitely not healthy. I suggest you attempt to curb your practice of experimenting with some weird stuff. I knew some folks who experimented with some weird stuff in the seventies, those who survive to this day are all struggling with significant mental illnesses. Neurochemistry is nothing to mess with. You get it messed up as a result of your experiments you will live with heavy regrets for the rest of your life. Can't happen to me you might think, IT CAN. I hope that is not too much flame for you. I could really go on. A career working in hospitals has shown me what a horrible thing this type of experimentation is. The people who frequent this discussion group can almost all reiterate this. Life, physical and mental health are precious. Please, please, please, if you have these things be thankful and protect them. Stop experimenting!
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I have never heard of anyone ever taking "recreational" paralytics. I have never heard of anyone ever marketing them. I believe that the original paralytic "Curare" arose from the toxin from the skins of "Poison Dart Frogs". Now some hobbyists keep these frogs as pets, I've seen one display even. But they lose their venom as their captive diet doesn't include the native ants (South America) from which they get the poison.

It sounds like "ScriptxKitty" is looking for a chemical bondage drug? My suggestion is to stick to the leathers, straps and chains. The "safe word" for paralytics going too far is at best intubation and a stay in the ICU and later perhaps 15 minutes of fame with Maury Povich, at worst a terrible death (being conscious and not being able to breath or move as one drowns a dry death).
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