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considering ventilation
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In the next week I will be talking with a sleep center doctor and asking her about night time ventilation or a bipap machine. I have a tracheostomy with a modified Montgomery T-tube. I have been told I also have a tracheostomy stenosis and that is why I still have OSA. I have noted what I think is daytime central apneas are progressively gotton worse. From what I understand, the ventilator would eliminate the OSA and not the central apneas. Has others in my position been put on ventilators? I live by myself and can function ok. I have to have help with housekeeping and shopping. Is ventilation an option for me, do you think?
Thank you, DeeDee

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Dear DeeDee,

While I can't speak clinically about your condition, I know many people who use ventilators at night or for support and still lead an active life during the day.

One great place to find others in your position would be on Jim Lubin's email list, Also, my friend Barbara Rogers (Breethezy) may know of others you can speak with who can help you at this time.

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DeeDee, I have a client that sounds very similar to you and your position. I have provided her with a LTV series ventilator and it appears to work well for her. If you send me an E-Mail with some contact information I wil put you in touch with her. We use the LTV as she loves to travel and the ventilator is so small she can comfortably travel throughout the world. thanks so much. LNHMS
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