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Our 10 month son has been ventilated since birth and had a tracheostomy at 2 weeks old. He has been in hospital since birth.He has myotubular myopathy. I would like to move him home and am looking for guidelines. Also looking for advise. His parameters are as follows - rate 20, O2 30-35, pressures 19/5 and insiration time 0.45. He weighs 8.2kg.What are the best ventilators given the above and is there any way that we can ventilate him which will allow him a speech function?
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<Cyndy Miller>
I work for a ventilator company that makes the HT50 ventilator. The HT50 will easily handle your son's needs, is lightweight, has a 10 hour battery built-in that charges (in 5-7 hours) from AC or DC. Work with your doctor to get a trach that allows for your son to speak. Give me a call or email if you would like info on the HT50.

All my best,

Cyndy Miller
Director of Clinical Education
Newport Medical Instruments
1.800.451.3111 ext 218
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The LTV series ventilator by Pulmonetic Systems is also a good vent that could meet your needs. If you would like further information please call us at 1-800-754-1914.

Randy Reed
Clinical Specialist
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While I hope you will get some valuable feedback from this list, I would like to suggest that you post your question also on Jim Lubin's excellent vent users list. I would bet you will get some good advice from other family members who care for infant vent users.

Jim Lubin's list is available through Check out and as well.

I hope these help you!

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