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Online FREE ventilator simulators.
Hello you all and how are you doing on this wonderful December Day? I am doing well. OK. First If yould be so kind as to allow me to introduce myself.My name is Peter. I am 20 yrs and have many many health issues that require me to use a lot of equipment such as a ventilator, suction machine, patient monitor, and other pieces of equipment. I have had to use this stuff pretty much all of my life, and it is because of this, I have always had a massive massive interest in medical equipment. I mean, Its really my whole entire life. One of the things I LOOOOOOOOOVE to do is fool around with online medical equipment simulators such as ventilator simulators, patient monitor simulators, and anesthesia simulators. Sadly, most of them cost, and the good ones I cant get because my Mother wont allow me to buy them. I was wondering if someone could PLEASE PLEASE help me find some. good online simulators where I can adjust the controls on the ventilator and maybe even patient effort, compliance, resistance, etc. I'm going to list some ventilators I would like online interactive simulators for, and I must add, I AM VERY VERY DESPERATE. I've been doing a pretty sad job at finding good simulators. So if you know of any Online vent simulators, Please let me know.

I need FREE simulators. I know of a series of Hamilton simulators, and they are inaccurate, and really are unusable.

But here is a list below of simulators I am looking for and anymore someone could assist me with.


2: LTV series ventilators from the LTV 900, all the way up to LTV 1200.

3: Babylog 8000 Plus.

4: Servo I ventilator

5: PB840 ventilator.

6: Aestiva 5 Anesthesia ventilator;.

7: PB7200

8:MA1 ventilator.

9: Esprit Ventilator.

I am totally desperate for a good interactive free simulator of any of these ventilators, and have contacted to many people, however have horibly failed at this.

PLEASE please respond.

Thank you, and God bless.
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Evita XL
I do not immediately know of very many vent simulators. We have this one here that I am pretty sure you have tried. Newport simulator
I have to say I really appreciate your enthusiasm. I will work to get to your questions that I can answer myself. Be patient and keep up the enthusiasm. I may have a disc or two that I picked up at vendor booths put away somewhere. If I locate any of them I will get it to you. Thank you for your post. I am curious as to what ventilator you are using and what is the source of your vent dependence. Please feel free to share your story with us if you like.
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Must I say, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support. Yes, as you guessed, I had tried the Newport simulator. LOL. Considering I contacted them, Drager, Maquett, GE, NPB, and other companies. You know, I even calledc Viasys like several times cause I heard someone say they fooled with an LTV 1000 simulator. I use an LP6 ventilator4. It sucks. I would lOVE to have an LTV. Boy. I would love that. I use a BIPAP ST for Pressure support. My Mom thinks Im crazy and so a lot of stuff I want like an LTv she wont let me get. LOL. Shes a good mom, but she thinks I should spend my time on reading and other stuff. LOL. I tell her I do read. LOL. I read or rather listened to the whole manual of the Sensormedics 3100B HFOV with my text to speach reader. I LOVE the sound of oscillating ventilators. HFOV IS SOOOOOOOOOO cool.If I had my own HFOV, I would fall asleep, because that awesome sound can put me to sleep, I mean Its so nice to listen to. I'll share my story with you later. But is there a way you can Convert the disks you might find to a link you can send ot me without screwing up copyright? I doubt my Mom is gonna let me give my address out which ugh makes me mad. I probably sound rediculous on here, but I'll do anything to get my hands on some awesome ventilator simulators. I LOVE this stuff. I mean, Its just stuff I know.
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